All About Emma...


The collection and the inspiration for her printing stems from a wooden print tray she recieved as a wedding gift over 30 years ago. Intrigued by the beauty of this handmade piece she started to hunt down more examples of trays and typefaces. Before she knew it she had amassed a impressive collection of wooden fonts. Intially she sold the letters individually or constructed plaques as presents for friends and family. Then in 2005, a friend/artist/printer suggested her designs would make great cushions and showed her how to transfer ink onto fabric. It is this process that Emma still uses today to create each and every design from her studio/workshop in the Cotswolds.

Alongside her collection of print blocks, Emma has accumulated a beautiful selection of fun vintage fabrics and buttons that she selects to compliment each design.

Not content with just cushions, she breathes new life into forgotten furniture with a smattering of classic comic cuttings. Using the technique of decoupage, each piece is a labor of love, painstakingly cut and adhered by hand from her collection of magazines and comics from yesteryear. From cupboards to coffee tables, drawers to desks, each design takes on a comic theme, which is complimented with a corresponding colour scheme. These retro pieces make for an eye-catching alternative to any flat pack furniture!

Emma's creations have featured in numerous magazines and newspaper articles such as Country Living Magazine and Sewing World and her work continues to gain intrigue wherever it is displayed.